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Roundtable: What gets measured and what doesn't get measured

Episode Summary

An expert panel featuring a Pew Research methodologist, a rabbi, a Tlingit tribal leader, an Islamic scholar, an entrepreneur, a sociologist, a law professor, a journalist, an investor, and a BBC researcher explores measurement

Episode Notes


Ashley Amaya (Senior survey methodologist at Pew Research Center)

Shannon Arvizu, Ph.D. (Sociologist and Founder at Epic Teams)

Esther Dyson (Tech journalist, investor, and Founder of Wellville) 

Morgan X’agatkeen Howard (Tlingit nation, Board of Directors for Sealaska) 

Lianne Kerlin (Senior Researcher at the BBC)

Irwin Kula (Rabbi, Director of the National Jewish Center for Learning and Leadership)

Pauline Pigott (Senior consultant, Deloitte Sustainability France)

Übeyd Ruff (Technology Transfer Officer at Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University, Editor at the Center for Islam and Global Affairs)

Salome Viljoen (Soon-to-be Columbia University School of Law Academic Fellow and Lecturer)

Alex Varley-Winter (UK-based investigative journalist)

Marlon Wayne (Cofounder of Impulse)