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Roundtable: What to measure and what not to measure

Episode Summary

An all-star panel of experts discusses how to effectively use metrics, how to tell if your metrics are bullshit, and where the frontiers of data may take us.

Episode Notes

The panel:

Esther Dyson: journalist, tech investor, and the Executive Founder of Wellville, a nonprofit project devoted to helping communities sustain health for the long term

Kay Makishi: entrepreneur, advisor, and mentor who serves as Principal of KEM Growth, a growth marketing consultancy

Mario Vasilescu: a robotics engineer turned humane technologist and the CEO of Readocracy

Silka Sietsma: Head of Emerging Design at Adobe

Angeline Gragasin: a writer, filmmaker, and artist, and the Co-Founder and Director of Happy Family Night Market

Claudia Gonella: Marketing & Communications Director at GRESB, an investor-led initiative that assesses and benchmarks the ESG performance of real assets

Lakshmi C: a software engineer, data analyst, and admissions manager for Teach for India based in Tamil Nuda, India

Seth Killian: a game designer best known for his work in fighting games, including Street Fighter

Zach First: the Executive Director of the Drucker Institute founded by the legendary business writer Peter Drucker

Brandon Silverman: the CEO of Crowdtangle, a social media analysis tool that’s part of Facebook

Recorded December 11, 2020